Thank you to all of the teams that particpated this year.  Look for more information regarding future 5 v 5 Leagues.

Elite ‘10G

Mean Green (G)

Elite ’09B Blue

Elite ’09B Red

SAFC ‘08G Blue

SAFC ‘08G White

Barca (B)

Extreme ‘06G White

Extreme ‘06G Black

SAFC 05G White

SAFC 05G Blue

SAFC 04G White

SAFC 04G Blue

Elite ‘03B Blue

Elite ‘03B White

SAFC ‘03G Blue

SAFC ‘03G White

Team Kicks (B)

Flyers (G)

Hawks (B)

Crush (G)

Fever United ‘12G

Fever United ‘11G

Chaos (B)

Thunder (B)

Barcelona (B)

Impact FC (G)

Elite ‘05B Blue

Elite ‘05B Red

Elite ‘06B Blue

Elite ‘06B Red

Elite ‘07B Blue

Elite ‘07B Red


Arsenal (B)

Elite ‘08B Blue

Elite ‘08B Red

Elite Juggernauts (B)

Elite ‘06G Red

Elite ‘06G Blue


SAFC 01B White

SAFC 01B Blue

5 v 5  League Rules

  1. When forming teams, players do not have to be registered with a home association or on your North Texas roster.  Please register according to North Texas age chart for the 2019-2020 soccer season.  

  2. Pure age divisions will be formed when available, league coordinator will make final decision after registration is completed.  

  3. Players are not allowed to play on more than one team.

  4. Each team will have 5 players on the pitch at one time, one goalie and four field players. Each team must have at least 5 players and no more than 10 players on a roster.

  5. Proper equipment must be worn at all time, this includes jersey/shirt and shin guards.

  6. Players must wear the same color jersey/shirt and numbers are not required.  If both teams have similar colored jersey/shirt, the Home team (listed first on the schedule) must wear an alternate jersey/shirt or penny. 

  7. Goalkeepers must wear a jersey/shirt of a different color from both teams.

  8. Teams must be ready to kick off at game time or forfeit the game.  A game cannot start with less than 3 players on the pitch. 

  9. Games will be a one 30-minute period, with no halftime.

  10. All kick-offs are considered indirect kicks. 

  11. There are no off-sides or throw-ins. 

  12. In place of throw-ins the ball will be placed stationary on the touchline and will be considered an indirect kick.

  13. Slide tackling of any kind is not permitted, and an indirect kick will be awarded to the other team.  Persistent violation will result in a two-minute send off.

  14. Players on the defending team must remain a minimum of 5 yards from the spot of the kick during indirect or direct kicks. 

  15. Corner Kicks are indirect and will be taken on or behind the designated flags.

  16. For a goal kick, the goalie is allowed only to roll or toss the ball, within five seconds, from anywhere inside the goal arch. 

  17. After a ball has been saved, a goalkeeper can drop and dribble a ball inside or outside the goal arch but cannot be punted or drop-kicked.  The goalie has 5 seconds for the ball to leave the goalie arch. 

  18. Substitutions can be made at any time; each substitute must enter and exit from the hallway line. 

  19. Defensive foul or handball in the box or arc will result in a pentalty kick at the top of the arc.  This will be a direct kick.  

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